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Friday, September 19, 2014

Ground Bound No Longer

~~~ 1 Corinthians 15:12-20 ~~~ Psalm 17 ~~~ Luke 8:1-3 ~~~

If there is no resurrection of the dead,
then neither has Christ been raised.
And if Christ has not been raised, 
then empty too is our preaching;
empty, too, your faith.

We are either whole complete believers or not;
there can be no gray area.
If you do not believe that Jesus was raised from the dead
then what is the point in believing anything else?
Nothing else matters if you do not believe in the Resurrection.
If there is no Resurrection then there is no forgiveness of sins.
If there is no forgiveness of sins then we have no reason to believe...
we have no reason for hope.

If this life is all there is; I for one will be very disappointed.
If there is no after life why should we even want to be a better person?

When we believe in the Resurrection it gives more depth to our life.
Believing in the Resurrection takes out further than our current reality.
It just plain feels good to believe there is something more.
Not that I am advocating we should base reality on our feelings.
But there just has to something more.

I am sorry for those who do not believe in the resurrection.
The hope of our resurrection gives us something to look forward to...
There is something better, the emergent butterfly is proof.

Then those who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished.

The small caterpillar appears to have fallen asleep
 until the unfolding of the wings begins.
The butterfly is more beautiful...more delicate than its previous self.
Who is is say the some thing does not happen to us?
The life of a butterfly, to me, is pure joy.
I believe our state of resurrection with Christ
 will also be one of pure joy.

In dying we do not perish...
in dying we become the beauty of pure joy.
We are free of our ground bounded existence.
Free to be resurrected joy with Christ in heaven.

I believe there is more than our life here on Earth,
because God created us to live happily in eternity with him.
Does your faith hinge on the promise of your personal resurrection?

Blessed in believing that the Resurrection is real.
If Christ was raised from the dead we will be too.
God wants us to believe.
He gives little hints...clues to what is in store
 for our future life with him.
I believe someday we will be reunited with those we love.
Our new existence will be in this wondrous state of joy.
Until that day comes I will believe in the Resurrection.
Until that day comes when I can unfold my wings I will live
my life in reflection of the resurrection.

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