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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Yourself

~~~ Saints Cornelius, Pope, and Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs ~~~

~~~ 1 Corinthians 12:12-14, 27-31A ~~~ Psalm 10 ~~~ Luke 7:11-17 ~~~

Now you are Christ’s Body, and individually parts of it.

We are each created in the image and likeness of God.
We are each created unique in every way.
We each have been given our special gifts by God.

That being established; stop trying to be someone else...
someone other than what God
created you to be...YOU.
No one can be you. No one can replace you.
No one can play your part in God's Divine plan.
You do not have an understudy.
You either show up or something does not get done...
something does not get started...
something does not get completed...
Some one does not receive your blessing.

“God has visited his people.”

Ever since God sent down the Son to be one of us
we became one with him.
We are his people, we are part of his flock.

We are part of his body here on Earth.
We have a specific role to play in this body;
just as each part of our body has a specific part
 in the proper functioning of the whole.
Sometimes a part of the body gets out of sync.
 When this occurs help may be needed to restore proper function
 in balance with the whole body.

If you are healthy; your body is functioning as it was designed.
If one part of your body is not working properly
 it effects the whole body.

It is your responsibility to keep yourself in good repair
so you contribute to the health of the whole body.
The brain is good at conserving energy and cells.
If a part of the brain is not being used eventually
the brain snips off some of those cells.

Do you want to be snipped off or do you want to be
a thriving part of the Living Body of Christ?
What part of the body do you want to be?
Do you want to be a fingernail routinely filed shorter
or do you want to be part of the heart pumping
 the blood to all of the body?

It is up to you.
You can decide just how vital you are
to the rest of the Body of Christ.
Maybe God shifts the parts around
depending on where you are needed the most.

Whatever part of the Body you are Blessed to be there.
You are a unique part of the Body of Christ.
Be the best part you can be
 by being all that you can be
being yourself.
~~~ Peace ~~~

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